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Digitizing health records in outpatient clinics in India - a big challenge

Digitizing health records in outpatient clinics is a huge challenge in India. This is not because of the lack of healthcare informatics systems around but this is because all those systems are not really designed to make doctors' life easier.

One would argue that this is even true in the western countries. For an example, in the US also most of the healthcare systems are quite complicated but still the digitization of patient records is higher. There are various reasons for this and one of the main reasons is that at any given day doctors in the US see around 20 patients. They spend 10 - 20 minutes with their patients. While in India most of the established doctors see around 50 patients a day. Some of them go up to 100 or even over 200 patients a day! On average, a doctor in India gets to spend 2-3 minutes with a patient.

The above numbers are eye-opening and they can also tell us why doctors in India cannot digitize patients records effectively. It is physically impossible to interact with a clunky healthcare system and maintain an eye contact with a patient and give good quality of care at the same time.

This challenge can be addressed with new technological advances. Creative thinking and deep understanding of doctors' challenges need to understand to solve this challenge.

At CygnusAI a bunch of really smart folks are working to solve this problem. Stay tuned while we start revealing the magic we are building to help Indian healthcare system.

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